UIL Coordinator - Tanee Wharton

Eastland Middle School Students Rise to the Top

District UIL Champions

On Thursday, December 12th Eastland Middle School students traveled to Breckenridge to compete in Academic UIL contest. EMS took 72 kids total for the competition and competed against Breckenridge, Cisco, Comanche, Dublin, Hawley, Clyde, and Merkel.

Eastland Middle School had several students place during the competition, and in the end, EMS had the highest combined scores out of all competing schools! The students and their coaches put forth a lot of effort to be the best in their contest, and they are very proud of this accomplishment.

The individual accomplishments include:

6th Grade

  • 6th place Mathmatics – Brenna Foster
  • 1st place Social Studies – Molly Orsagh
  • 1st place Editorial Writing – Jo Beth Herring
  • 5th place Oral Reading – Brynna Foster
  • 5th place Art – Heath Slavens
  • 6th place Art – Macy McGaha
  • 1st place Dictionary - Molly Orsagh
  • 1st place Number Sense – Hailey Clark
  • 2nd place Number Sense – Jo Beth Herring
  • 4th place Number Sense – Brynna Foster
  • 2nd place Listening (Tie) – Hailey Clark & Jo Beth Herring
  • 6th place Listening – Jayden Tibbets

7th Grade

  • 2nd place Art- Kimberley Rubio
  • 3rd place Art – Andy Nguyen
  • 5th place Spelling – Julia Phan
  • 3rd place Listening – Rhett Rutledge
  • 2nd place Maps, Graphs, and Charts – Elijah Castanuela
  • 3rd place Maps, Graphs, and Charts – Tristan Cates
  • 6th place Maps, Graphs, and Charts – Zeb Adams
  • 1st place Modern Oratory – Cason Cavalier
  • 2nd place Modern Oratory – Dyllan McGrath
  • 5th place Social Studies – Reece Scitern
  • 4th place Impromptu – Gage Crowder
  • 6th place Calculator – Zeb Adams
  • 6th place Ready Writing – Kaylee Harris
  • 4th place Editorial Writing – Angel Esquivel

8th Grade

  • 1st place Modern Oratory – Skye Hosch
  • 3rd place Modern Oratory – Jadyn Kennedy
  • 3rd place Dictionary – Marius Nguyen
  • 1st place Science- Brett Rice
  • 3rd place Science - Braxton Weaver
  • 5th place Science – Marius Nguyen
  • 3rd place Listening – Brodi Forrest
  • 4th place Listening – Marius Nguyen
  • 3rd place Editorial Writing – Jadyn Kennedy
  • 4th place Editorial Writing – Lauren Jordan
  • 3rd place Art (tie) – Tessa Cates & Kirsten Jones
  • 6th place Art – Josie Reyes
  • 2nd place Social Studies – Jadyn Kennedy
  • 1st place Maps, Graphs, and Charts – Bo Browing
  • 1st place Mathmatics – William Brown
  • 5th place Impromptu- Terra Rackow
  • 5th place Oral Reading – Jadyn Kennedy
  • 4th place Spelling – Kirsten Jones

Way to go Eastland Middle School!!

Thank you Mrs. Wharton and all UIL coaches for an outstanding year!!!!