Meet the teacher is tonight from 4:30 until 6:30. 

So, what do you need to do?

1. Go to the cafeteria sometime between 4:30 and 6:00. It is come and go format. 
2. Find the table in the commons area outside the cafeteria with your child's grade. Sign in at the table. 
3. They will give you one green sheet of paper, and a yellow card. 
4. Complete the green sheet and return it to your grade level table. (There will be tables set up in the cafeteria with pens.) 
5. After you turn in your green sheet, you will receive your students schedule and an information sheet. 
6. Look at each item on the yellow card and make sure you have done everything that is applicable to your child. Also visit the cafeteria table to complete free and reduced lunch forms.
7. The last item on the list is going to the middle school and visiting the classrooms and the teachers. 
8. If you cannot make it to the event tonight, you can complete your green sheet, and receive your child's schedule, and information sheet between 8:00 and 10:55 in the EMS office tomorrow morning. 
9. Online registration is not required to get you child's schedule. However, we need everyone to complete the online registration by August 30th. We will have a table set up to help with online registration questions. 
10 School starts on Wednesday, August 14th at 7:55!!