Wellness Plan

EISD Wellness Plan presented with Student Health Advisory Committee report EISD Board Approved 4-19-2018

SHAC Members: 

Madison Mazza Parent
Lindsey McGaha Parent
Dara Norris Parent
Janie Ramirez Parent
Evelyn Ramirez Parent
Ashley Hull Parent/School Nurse/SHAC Chair
Kayleigh Bates Nurse
Cala Willis Food Service Coordinator
Amber Daskevich Parent/School Health
Candice Herrington PE Teacher/ Parent
Bobbie Jarvis School Health
Leticia Morales Parent
Megan Smith Parent
James Morton Athletic Director

Wellness Plan is scheduled to be evaluated/Assessed in May of the 2018-2019 school year. Parents, staff, and the Superintendent's Leadership Cabinet (comprised of EISD students) will participate in the evaluation/assessment by survey.